Police investigating suspicious death in Emmet Co.

The Emmet County Sheriff's Office is investigating the suspicious death of 58-year-old Lyle Kopenkoskey, of Petoskey.

According to Sheriff Pete Wallin, Kopenkoskey's relatives were concerned that he didn't show up at work on Tuesday and had not returned home.

"The relatives were concerned because he left for work and hadn't shown up for work, hadn't returned home from work. They found the vehicle later that evening unoccupied and they were concerned about his whereabouts when we were called," Sheriff Pete Wallin said.

Sheriff Wallin says hisunoccupied vehicle was found on Kiebel Road between Lake Grove Road and Townsend Road in Resort Township.

A search was conducted in the area and Kopenkoskey was located and pronounced dead at the scene.


We are continuing the investigation right now at this point we are executing numerous search warrants in the Emmet
County area looking for any evidence that might've been part of the cause of his death," Sheriff Wallin said.

The EmmetCounty Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation of the suspicious death with the assistance of the Michigan State Police Crime Lab and the Petoskey Department of Public Safety.

Anyone with information concerning this case should contact Detective Sergeant JL Sumpter at the Emmet County Sheriff's Office at 231-439-8901.

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