Man shot and killed by State Police after shooting in Gladwin County

Man shot and killed by State Police after shooting in Gladwin County

A 50-year-old man is dead after police say he was shot and killed by an officer in a shootout involving law enforcement Thursday morning.

Michigan State Police say around 4 a.m. Gladwin County deputies responded to a shots fired complaint in Tobacco Township. When they drove down Shock Road, they noticed a man walking down it.

Police say that Gladwin man, 50-year-old Mark Richard Gary, started shooting at the deputies with a high-powered rifle and shot one of the deputy car's tires.

"The police car was disabled," Special First Lieutenant David Kaiser of the Michigan State Police West Branch Post, said. "The deputies placed it into reverse, were able to escape, they backed up the road, (and) called for additional officers."

During that time, Lt. Kaiser says Gary went into a home on Shock Road. When backup arrived, including an emergency response team, they surrounded the home Gary fled to. Police say Gary's wife was in the home with him and that Gary was firing multiple shots outside, both on the front porch and back porch.

Police say Gary proceeded to shoot at the officers that surrounded him around 7:38 a.m. and that one of the officers shot Gary, which eventually led to his death.

"That high-powered rifle, those bullets can travel an extremely long distance," Lt. Kaiser said. "As you look around, there are other houses in the area. Even though they're not on top of one another, a high-powered rifle could very easily enter one of these other residences and travel completely through."

One of those neighbors close by is Dick Brushaber. He farms on 10-acres of land right in front of Gary's home and has known him for more than ten years. He woke up to a note from his daughter Thursday morning letting him know what happened.

"She come home from midnight's and had a note on the table when we got up that something was going on with Mark over there," Brushaber said. "There's shootings all over. That's just something standard today. You don't very often hear of it here in Gladwin County but it happens."

"From an officer's standpoint, with the turn of events across the nation right now, when you're dispatched to a shots fired call and then a man opens fire on you in an ambush situation, it is a life or death situation. The officers here today did what they had to do to survive."

MSP used a drone to get a birds-eye view of Gary's home.

The officer involved in the shooting was placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation.

That investigation will be a joint one with both the MSP West Branch Post and Gladwin County Sheriff's Office.

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