Update: Missing Cadillac teenage girls found safe

Trinity Machowski (left) and Arrianna Schings (right) are missing from the Cadillac area.

WEXFORD COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- UPDATE: Trinity Machowski and Arrianna Schings have been found safe.

Cadillac Police say the suspect Wagenschutz was stopped in Kalkaska.

Wagenschutz had the two girls in the vehicle with him.

Wagenschutz was arrested and the girls are safe and on their way home.

According to family members of Schings, Wagenschutz was engaged to one of Machowski's cousins at one point.


Two teenage girls are missing from the Cadillac area.

Trinity Machowski, 13, and Arrianna Schings, 14, were last seen in the Cadillac area and are believed to be with an older man, according to the Cadillac Police Department.

Adam Ottjepka, the Director of Public Safety for the city of Cadillac, said in a news conference Saturday afternoon that Machowski and Schings did not return home from school on Friday December 7th.

Officers said the girls left in a 1998 red Subaru Legacy with license plate DYR699 and with Christopher Wagenschutz, a 34-year-old man.

Police believe Wagenschutz may have a firearm and they consider him armed and dangerous.

Trinity is described as 5-foot 2-inches tall, 120 pounds with black eyes and brown hair.

She was last seen wearing a blue and white shirt with the word "BUB" written on it, black pants and a black jacket with on the hood, officers said.

Trinity has a brown birth mark on the back of her neck.

Arrianna is 5-feet tall, 150 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She was last seen wearing camouflage, officers said.

Machowski's mother and Sching's father both spoke during the news conference and gave emotional pleas to get their daughters back.

"Arrianna if you're out there and you can hear me. I love you. I love you very much and please come home. You're not in trouble no trouble at all, Chris please take them somewhere safe and leave them be I want my little girl back," said Timothy Schings, the father of Schings.

"We just want you be home safe. Christopher I need you to take them both to law enforcement that you're near and drop them off so that we can take care of this matter," said Tammy Bogedin, the father of Machowski.

Anyone with information about the location of these two girls is asked to call 911 or the Cadillac Police Department at (231) 775-3491 or (231) 779-9211.

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