Pro-White group distributes flyers in multiple neighborhoods

Pro-White group distributes flyers in multiple neighborhoods

MANISTEE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- On Sunday and throughout Monday, people were startled to find racial flyers outside of their homes.

The flyers are stirring up controversy across Mason and Manistee Counties. Many people are viewing the flyers as a pro-white message.

One of the hundreds of people who came across these flyers was Reverend Douglas Welch.

Welch came out of his home on Monday afternoon to see a flyer in a plastic bag posted underneath his car’s windshield wipers.

“There has been a lot of people, since the revolutionary war, sacrificing their lives so that we could live free and this just demeans it,” said Welch.

The flyers have been found tucked under windshield wipers, nailed to electric poles, taped to people’s fences, scattered across lawns and even on the side of the road.

“If they don't come to your door and they don't knock on your door and they don't talk to you face-to-face and they do something like this, it just means that they were a bunch of cowards,” said Welch.

The group behind the flyers is called Alternative Right Michigan.

7&4 News reached out to the group by email to ask them who they are and what their goal is.

An anonymous spokesperson with the group responded to our questions stating:

We placed the pamphlets for recruiting purposes.
We want to spread awareness that white people and our culture are being replaced, and also that there is nothing wrong with being proud of our advocating for your own people.
Our goal is to recruit enough members so that we can eventually enter the political realm and campaign on our ideals.

Lori Kowalski found the pro-white pamphlets posted outside of her Filer Township home.

“I just don't quite understand why,” said Kowalski. “I just don't think that it's proper to discriminate against anyone. We are all equal, so the world should be a happier place than that. We don't need to feel superior to anyone.”

The Alternative Right Michigan group says they posted hundreds of these flyers and they'll continue to spread their message.

Local law enforcement in Mason and Manistee County have not received any direct complaints regarding the flyers.

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