Project Connect 231 helps out local people in need

    Hundreds of people gathered to Odawa Casino in Petoskey to attend the 12th annual Project Connect 231 Event. (WPBN/Cole Martens)<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    EMMET COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- It has been around for more than a decade but people are still discovering every year what Project Connect 231 can do to help them get over the rough spots in their life.

    “Being a single mom with two kids, money is always tight," said Kelsey Griffin, guest at the Project Connect 231 event. "There is a lot of agencies here that will help you find a place and come help out for free and help them reach their potential.”

    Kelsey and many others have came to Wednesday's Project Connect event to try and take advantage of opportunity to speak with and receive items to fill those needs in their lives.

    Project Connect 231 provided around 70 local non-profit organizations and businesses to get help five-hundred to a thousand people connect with them all under one roof.

    Services include food and nutrition, healthy and wellness, education and employment and several others.

    “I've taken back many things from here. I've gotten jobs here," said Nicholas Wiklanski, guest at the Project Connect Event. "I've met people, connected with others. As far as the good things go available things that i’m available to get.”

    Wiklanski is one of many who have had told others about the positive impact this event has had on them.

    Whether it’s from the free check-ups, saving them money with free haircuts and photo shoots or helping them with more complicated issues.

    "It's great to see the people and hear the stories afterwards on how people got connected with services and assistance that makes a difference in their life and we strongly feel make every better in our community helps out community as a whole," said Dana Lorian, the event organizer.

    For more information on Project Connect 231, visit

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