Prosecutor hopes to put end to Traverse City drug house

Prosecutor hopes to put end to Traverse City drug house

A Traverse City home that police say has served as a drug house and the site for multiple deaths in the last year, could soon be shut down.

Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorney, Bob Cooney, says multiple drug dealing incidents including an armed robbery and four overdose deaths have happened at the home located on Barlow Street.

The most recent death, according to Cooney, happened last weekend.

Cooney's office has charged more than a dozen people from drug activity out of that home.

Now he says, enough is enough.

Cooney intends to file a nuisance action against the property owner, Gabriel Edgley, who is currently in prison on a drug charge.

Cooney wants the current tenants removed and the home locked up. At least for now.

"People in that neighborhood deserve better and they deserve to not have to have their children exposed to this sort of nuisance," Cooney said. "That home is in the Traverse Heights neighborhood, Traverse Heights Elementary School neighborhood and so I'm concerned about that."

Eventually, Cooney would like to see the house sold to new owners who will be good neighbors and care for the home.

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