Rain...some of it heavy today


    FLOOD WATCH for the entire region thru Friday. Two main reasons...street flooding is possible...and rivers will be running high the next few days.

    Today we'll see rain...JUST RAIN...come thru the state. Temperatures are and will be above freezing all day. Highs will climb into the lower 40s in the Upper Peninsula...and the lower 60s in some towns south of US Highway 10. The rain will be heavy at times...and embedded in these showers will be thunder and lightning. Severe weather is not expected...but they are thunderstorms with gusty wind and downpours. Wind near these storms will gust strongly...but most of the time the wind will be 10-20 mph with gusts to 25 mph...mainly from the southeast. Also, we'll see patches of dense fog today.

    Tonight...more showers. The chance for thunder falls thru the evening. Temperatures will be below freezing in some towns...but what falls from the sky looks to be all rain. Lows will be 28 to 32 in the U.P...and 30 to 40 degrees in the Lower. Wind will gust to 25 mph from the southeast. Plus, beware that fog could be very dense in some towns.

    Friday the temperatures fall. In the AM...look for a range of 32 to 40 degrees. As the day goes on...and the temperatures fall a few degrees...rain in the morning will turn to snow. Not a lot of snow...but we will some new ice on the roads. Wind will turn to the northwest and gust to 25 mph.

    Saturday don't look for a lot of sunshine, but you could get a peek thru the clouds. Those clouds will produce a few snow showers. Light amounts. Highs 22 to 32 degrees around northern Michigan.

    Sunday...a little more sunshine than Saturday...and a little warmer...and a little lower chance for precipitation. A few light scattered rain or snow showers are possible. Highs 30-40 degrees..

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