Real life Grinch steals Toys For Tots credit card

Toys For Tots credit card stolen during Bikes for Tikes shopping trip at Meijer in Traverse City.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- A Toys For Tots shopping trip was interrupted thanks to a real life Grinch who stole credit cards and cash.

It happened Thursday morning at Meijer in Traverse City while a Toys For Tots crew was out shopping for more than two dozen bicycles for the Bikes for Tikes campaign.

"We were out shopping for bikes because we got a $2,000 donation from Bill Marsh Buick/GMC as part of a sponsorship," said Mike Kent, Toys For Tots committee member. "We were taking full advantage of the sales that were going on Thursday morning where bikes were 40-50 percent off."

The coordinator, Maggie Kent, was checking out the sizes and prices of the bikes and had set her wallet and coat down on one of the displays.

Unbeknownst to the group, someone went through the woman's wallet and took three of her personal credit cards, the Toys For Tots credit card, and less than $100 in cash.

It wasn't until it was time to check out that they realized someone stole the cards and money.

"We were left with a bunch of bikes that we were getting a good deal on, and really that's where Meijer came to the rescue," said Kent.

Meijer has been a proud partner of Toys For Tots for more than 20 years.

When the store director realized they had no way to pay for the bikes at checkout, part of Meijer's $10,000 donation came a little early.

"We issue gift cards in different denominations, so we issued them early for $2,200 to make sure they could get the bikes for a good price," said Aaron Plumb, Meijer store director. "Hopefully the person who took the cards saw that it was for Toys For Tots and had a soft spot in their heart not to use those cards because it is a great organization that does great work for the kids in our area."

None of the credit cards were used and Toys For Tots did not lose out on any money.

"We will be able to continue the campaign like we do every year, and hopefully by Christmas we have 7,000 kids who are having a fantastic Christmas because of the generosity of this community," said Kent.

The bikes will be distributed by Christmas to needy families in six northern Michigan counties.

The last day to donate toys at the Toy Drop Off sites is December 17.

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