Recall petition against Kalkaska Village president denied

Recall petition against Kalkaska Village president denied

KALKASKA COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- A petition to recall Kalkaska Village President Jeff Sieting was denied on Thursday because his name was misspelled in the paperwork.

At a special hearing, the Kalkaska county clerk and election commission reviewed the recall petition in front of Sieting and other Kalkaska village residents.

The election commission says their job is to approve the language of the petition for legal reasons, but they couldn't approve it because of the misspelling.

The resident who submitted the petition says this error is a disappointment.

“I'm going to go refile right now actually and I will spell his name correctly and then we will be back here,” said Elizabeth Dunham. “It's disappointing that something as simple as spelling his last name wrong has halted this process.”

“A little disappointing you know. You look forward to situations like this to see what the outcome is,’ said Jeff Sieting. “I've always said that I've been entrusted with this position at the disposal of the citizens of this community. If it does proceed beyond the recall commission, then I will be anxious to see how the voting citizens of Kalkaska feel.”

The group who made the petition must resubmit those changes quickly to meet filing deadlines for the May ballot.

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