Road commissions ready for winter weather

Road commissions ready for winter weather

EMMET COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- With winter weather heading towards parts of northern Michigan, local road crews are bracing themselves.

The direction of the wind will be the main factor in which county gets the most snow Tuesday night.

The Emmet County Road Commission said it won't be doing anything different from normal, but they are expecting several inches.

A little further south, in Charlevoix County, the road commission will not pre-treat the roads.

They will wait and see which area gets hit the hardest.

“Some parts of the county are probably going to get some pretty heavy lake effect, then there will be other parts of the county that probably only get an inch or two,” said Patrick Harmon, the manager of the Charlevoix County Road Commission.

Harmon says they are used to dealing with storms like the one that's predicted, but his advice to others is to take it slow.

“Visibility will be poor, people are going to have to slow down, there’s probably going to be slick spots," Harmon said. "The ground temperature’s still not real cold so there will probably be some snow that will melt.”

Further north, at the Mackinac Bridge, some drivers were stuck because of restricted traffic.

During the day on Tuesday, winds reached over 50 miles per hour.

“I think they’re getting lake effect snow in the western half of the U.P., so they don’t have phone service up there so they’re expecting me tonight, so if I don’t show up they’ll be worried," said Raymond Bremer, who was traveled across the U.P.

Some were less worried than others.

“I’m not worried, I’ve been in this before," said Bob Willette. "I live in the Soo, so I’m kind of used to this stuff.”

In most of the counties under winter storm warnings, road commissions say at this point in the winter, they're prepared for the snow Tuesday night.

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