Road rage drives to bat attack

A Lansing man, upset at the driver in front of him for taking too long to turn at a green light, took his anger out with baseball bat.

Traverse City Police say the road rage took place during the noon rush hour. When police arrived they found a 47-year-old Traverse City man sitting inside his mini van with the driver's side window smashed out. The driver told police he was on the Parkway at the Union Street traffic light. When the light turned green the driver behind him started honking his horn. The driver then passed the victim on the right side and pulled in front of the van and stopped his car. When the victim pulled forward and hit the suspects car the man came out swinging a baseball bat.

The suspect attacked the van, breaking the window and then started swinging at the victim, hitting him in the shoulder and face with the bat. The attacker then took off in his car.

The police found the suspect, Daniel Downs, 21, driving near U.S. 31 and 5-mile Road and pulled him over. Downs admitted to police he was upset at the driver for sitting too long at a green light and said that's why he attacked the man.

Downs is in jail facing several charges including, felonious assault, malicious destruction of property, reckless driving and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident..

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