Running to the beat of safety with Traverse City Track Club

Running to the beat of safety with Traverse City Track Club

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- As the New Year surges on and people take their workouts outside, it's important to cover some basics around wintertime exercise.

Battling the climates of northern Michigan is no joke, along with low temperatures, there are plenty of hazardous weather conditions that can make outdoor running, walking or biking, dangerous.

From what to wear, what gear you should have and which routes to take, Lisa Taylor of the Traverse City Track Club has the answers.

When considering how to dress for a wintertime run, Taylor suggests wearing layers and staying away from cotton. While the start of the run could be chilly, body temperatures quickly heat up, making removable layers important.

Additionally, wearing gloves, hats, a neck warmer and cleats on your sneakers, can help improve a snowy, icy run.

A crucial part of any outdoor run, especially in the early morning or night, is to wear reflective gear.

Whether it be a bright vest, a flashing light, or other reflective pieces of clothing, Taylor says people exercising near or on the roads must be "defensive" while outside and take all necessary precautions.

Better than running on the road or sidewalk, is utilizing one of Traverse City's safe running routes.

The Grand Traverse County Civic Center offers a great outdoor running route that is always plowed for runners, walkers and bikers.

Taylor suggests running on a route like this not only because it's clear of snow, but also because it's well-lit and removed from the road.

For those who are looking to amp-up their running routine or find others to exercise with, the Traverse City Track Club offers options for experienced and non-experienced runners.

One of their most popular options is their community fun runs that occur every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m., year-round, and welcome 50 to 100 people for a three to five mile jog around town.

For more information on the TC Track Club, click here.

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