Search picks back up for Tyler Spink

Tyler Spink

BENZIE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- The search for Tyler Spink, a kayaker who went missing back in 2016, picked back up Tuesday.

The nonprofit Bruce's Legacy is conducting search efforts.

The founder of Bruce's Legacy's founder, Keith Cormican, said the search efforts had to be cut short because of the weather.

"The wind creates the waves, the waves don't allow us to get the good smooth imaging that we need, we need the boat to be pretty flat," said Cormican. "We can take up to about 2 foot wave that we can operate in and today we're sitting in about 5 feet."

Kelly Dalton, Tyler Spink's mother, says she's thankful that groups like Bruce's Legacy are still searching for her son.

"Without Bruce's Legacy and others that are out there that are willing to search, you would have nowhere to turn. To still have this going on two years later almost, we're almost at that two year mark, it is overwhelming," said Dalton.

Cormican says the families are what keep him and others coming back to search.

"You get attached to these cases like this and with the mother being very adamant about finding her son and bringing him is what keeps driving us," said Cormican.

Dalton says the recovery of her son would help give her closure.

"The one thing that I've learned is that nobody should have to lose a child, but the thought of my son still out in that lake is extremely difficult and I will never rest until he's out of that lake," said Dalton.

Crews from Bruce's legacy plan to get back out on the water to continue searching on Wednesday.

If you would like to donate to Bruce's legacy go to

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