Seminar shows benefits of propane fueled vehicles

Seminar shows benefits of propane fueled vehicles

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU)-- SUV’s, tow trucks and buses fueled by propane could become the new way to fuel vehicles for business or organizations.

The Michigan Propane Gas Association held its Alternative Fuel Vehicle Seminar at the Grand Traverse Resort on Wednesday to begin paving the way for propane fleet fueled vehicles in northern Michigan.

Michigan Gas Association Manager of Education Joe Ross says propane is nearly 40 percent less expensive than gasoline or diesel.

They say propane is also a cleaner fuel for vehicles, helping them last longer and it’s environmentally friendly.

“Introduce propane vehicles to northern Michigan,” said Ross. “Propane vehicles are being used throughout the entire world and they are now just starting to gain traction here in America and the Midwest. Tri-Gas propane wanted to bring the seminar, to teach people in northern Michigan about this great opportunity of propane vehicles.”

Propane is an American-made product that could create a lot of business for northern Michigan propane makers, according to Ross.

Currently there are only 2,000 propane fueled vehicles in Michigan, but Ross expects that number to increase.

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