Several inches of snow on Friday


Today look for very little sunshine and scattered light showers. Mostly snow showers, but some rain could be mixed with the snow at times. High temperatures around northern Michigan will be in the 34 to 42 degree range. Wind will be from the west and northwest 5-15 mph.

Tonight...the light snow showers will intensify. Lows 25 to 32 degrees. The wind will be 5-15 mph, but increases toward sunrise.

Friday...several counties in the southern Lower Peninsula are in a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY anticipating several inches of snow on the roads. This advisory area cold expand to more northern Michigan counties because the forecast for the region is much the same. Snow will be widespread on Friday. Most of the region will see snow totals for the day from 3 to 6 inches. That will be the common range of totals. Wind may gust over 25 mph as the storm moves in. High temperatures will be 32 to 38 degrees.

Friday night as the storm moves additional 3-6 inches of snow will fall...but in a small area than during the day Friday. Lows in the 20s. Gusty wind over 25 mph.

Saturday...snow showers...light for most of us, but in lake effect zones you could see more. Highs 25 to 35 degrees. Wind will gust over 25 mph.

Sunday...highs 30-38 degrees. Snow showers expected in the U.P...and snow mixed with rain in the Lower..

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