Showers on the way

Photo courtesy of Fred Levine.

Clouds and showers are spreading across the Lower Peninsula. It will be showery along Lake Michigan...but the rain may not reach everyone on the Lake Huron side of the map until this evening.

Highs today will range from the middle 70s in those cloudy places on Lake upper 80s where you get sunshine to start the day east of I-75. Wind will come from the southeast...5-15 mph this morning...increasing in the afternoon 10-20 mph. Along the Great Lakes some gusts will be over 25 mph.

There is a SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY today, tonight, and Saturday along the Great Lakes.

Tonight the rain and clouds spread across northern Michigan. Plus, we will get some thunderstorms, too. Lows in the 60s. It will feel muggy overnight.

Saturday it won't rain all day...but any time during the day you could run into a shower. Thunderstorms could be embedded in these showers. Wind will turn to the east and northeast and gust over 20 mph over the land...over 25 miles over the Great Lakes. Don't look for much sunshine. Do expect a humid, damp day.

Saturday night the showers begin to wind down. It will be muggy, and lows will be in the 60s...warm night. Northeast wind 5-15 mph.

Sunday we start to get some sunshine thru the clouds. Highs 75 to 85 degrees. Northeast wind 10-20 mph.

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