Sinclair Broadcast Group to deploy Next Gen TV

Sinclair Broadcast Group is set to deploy a new way watch TV.

HUNT VALLEY, MD., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Following the approval of new FCC guidelines, Sinclair Broadcast Group is deploying a new way to get TV.

ONE Media, a subsidiary of SBG, announced Thursday they will deploy Next Generation TV, which will bring live television over-the-air to mobile devices.

“True mobile TV and data distribution, compatible with the Internet, can now become a reality," said Christopher Ripley, president and CEO of SBG.

The new digital standard will also improve picture and sound on televisions.

The vote by the FCC to allow this new form of broadcasting comes after decades of effort by SBG to merge broadcast and internet signals.

David Smith, executive chairman of SBG, said the company has been pushing for this innovation for 20 years.

"We finally have that ability and are ready to lead an industry in deployment, service offerings, enhancements and business development," Smith said. "There should only be upside for all concerned – including most importantly, the public.”

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