Stand Up For Great Lakes cleans up Torch Lake

Members of Stand Up For Great Lakes, with help from some volunteers, waded and paddled around Torch Lake Thursday, cleaning up trash left behind from Fourth of July celebrations on the lake.

ANTRIM COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Torch Lake is a popular Northern Michigan destination for the Fourth of July. With all of those people celebrating in one place, trash in the lake can be an issue.

Stand Up For Great Lakes, an aquatic non-profit, picked trash out of the water for its 3rd annual Torch Lake Cleanup on Thursday morning.

Stand Up For Great Lakes started organizing a cleanup in the lake a few years ago, but members say that this year's cleanup yielded far less trash than years past, but less trash is a good thing.

"I didn't find any trash like in the prior years," said Stand Up member and first-year cleanup volunteer Cindy Beehler. "I think through education, knowledge the word's getting out."

Nearly 10 volunteers from the organization had help from a few other volunteers to scan the water for floating cans, pieces of paper and limes.

In addition to those who came to the lake to clean up, some people from remaining boats hopped in the water to contribute to the effort.

"There were a couple of people that came out of their boats and started picking things up, and it was kinda great," said Jamie Gray of Rapid City. "People are listening. People are thinking. People are cleaning up. It's a great sign."

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