State ends water distribution in Flint

We’ve just received word that the state will no longer be providing Flint residents affected by the water crisis with bottled water. (WEYI)

FLINT, Mich. -- ***UPDATE***

Water pods in Flint have already begun to run out of cases of bottled water after residents were informed they'd no longer be receiving it from the state.

Many people are also voicing their concerns about the long lines and tensions rising as the resources ran out.

We’ve just received word that the state will no longer be providing Flint residents affected by the water crisis with bottled water.

People have lined up hoping to get their share of bottled water.

This comes after rigorous testing has showed that the levels of lead in Flint’s water are well below action levels and have been that way for nearly two years.

Governor Snyder issued a statement Friday saying that providing Flint residents with clean water was his top priority.

"I have said all along that ensuring the quality of the water in Flint and helping the people and the city move forward were a top priority for me and my team. We have worked diligently to restore the water quality and the scientific data now proves the water system is stable and the need for bottled water has ended,” said Gov. Rick Snyder. “For the past two years I have repeatedly been asked when I would declare the water safe in Flint and I have always said that no arbitrary decision would be made — that we would let the science take us to that conclusion. Since Flint’s water is now well within the standards set by the federal government, we will now focus even more of our efforts on continuing with the health, education and economic development assistance needed to help move Flint forward. I remain steadfast in that commitment.”

You can read his full statement here.

Once supplies are depleted at the four distribution sites, the PODS will close.

The four sites include:

  • Mt. Carmel Church, 1610 West Pierson Road
  • 2804 North Franklin Avenue
  • West Court Street Church of God, 2920 West Court Street
  • Eastown Bowl Bowling Alley, 3001 South Dort Highway

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver wrote a letter to Governor Snyder this week asking him not to end water distribution.

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The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has released a fact sheet to help residents understand all of the changes taking place.


Senator Jim Ananich has released a statement in response to Gover Snyder ending water distribution in Flint, which can be read below:

"It’s beyond belief that the governor expects the folks in Flint to trust the government now, when they lied to our faces about lead in our water just a few years ago. That trust was broken, and families in Flint still don’t feel that the water in their homes is safe to drink. We won’t feel safe drinking our water until every bad pipe is replaced, and the administration that caused this disaster needs to make sure bottled water stays available until that happens."

Dr. Mona Hannah Attisha, who first called attention to elevated lead levels found in childrens' blood in Flint has also spoken out.

Congressman Dan Kildee has also spoken out:

"The state should provide Flint families with bottled water until all of the lead service lines have been replaced. Flint families rightfully still do not trust state government, who created this crisis and lied to our community about the safety of the water. Continuing to provide bottled water service until all of the lead pipes are replaced will give peace of mind to residents and help restore Flint's trust in government. Until then, I understand why Flint families still do not trust the water coming out of their taps."

State Representative Sheldon Neely also weighed in:

"A crisis of confidence doesn’t end overnight. Today’s decision by the Snyder administration to end water distribution to a city it traumatized is cruel and concerning at this juncture. Governor Snyder has failed to address the psychological trauma that his administration put the people of Flint through. The fact is, the people of Flint don’t trust the Snyder administration or the science they pay for – science that previously allowed our city to be poisoned. If the State stands unwilling to maintain needed services to a city it failed, the city of Flint has my full support in taking legal action to compel the state to do its job and continue water service to its citizens."

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver also spoke out.

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Erik Olson, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council has also released a statement:

"The people of Flint deserve better. Governor Snyder’s decision to stop supplying bottled water to Flint residents is disappointing. It’s deeply troubling that the state is willing to give free water to Nestle and other corporations but not its own people, who they poisoned."

This is a developing story.

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