Stormcloud Brewing Co. expands brewing production

    Co-owner, Rick Schmitt says the company outgrew their brewery in downtown Frankfort so they expanded to the new facility located at 366 Parkview Lane.

    BENZIE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) — There is some good news for the beer lovers in northern Michigan. Stormcloud Brewing Company in Frankfort is a month away from opening the doors to a new production facility.

    Co-owner Rick Schmitt says the company outgrew its brewery in downtown Frankfort, so they're expanded to the new facility at 366 Parkview Lane.

    Beer will still be brewed at the location downtown, but the new facility will be the primary source for brewing.

    Schmitt says with the new location, they will be able to quadruple production.

    “We’re very proud to call Frankfort home and for us to have this opportunity to build this production facility within the city is really important,” Schmitt said. “To put people to work on a year round basis is an added bonus to that and it’s interesting how Frankfort has really embraced Stormcloud and it really is a community brewery."

    Schmitt says they the new facility will have a canning line. They plan to put their products in local stores in the next several months.

    The facility will be open in October, and they hope to have the tasting room open by May.

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