Students hold "Penny War" to raise money for local boy battling the flu

Students hold "Penny War" to raise money for Jase Amesbury

EAST JORDAN, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- The story of Jase Amesbury, the 3-year-old boy battling complication from the flu, is reaching more and more people who want to help.

Students at East Jordan Elementary have been holding a "Penny War" this week.

Each class is competing by putting pennies or dollars in their class bucket for points, or taking points from other teams by putting nickels, dimes or quarters in theirs.

Randi McFall, a teacher at East Jordan, organized the event after hearing Jase's story.

“”I don’t know the family, I didn’t grow up in Boyne City, but just with the whole East Jordan community sharing his story, it just touched a lot of our lives," McFall said. "We figured the least we could do is try to raise money in a really fun way."

Wednesday was day three of the penny war, and students have already raised more than $1,000.

Friday will be the last day, ending with an assembly where police officers, fire fighters and other community members will get pied in the face by the winning class.

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