Students teach seniors technology

WEXFORD COUNTY, Mi - On Thursday, Cadillac High School students took the day off of school to teach senior citizens how to use technology and document old memories.

The Cadillac Senior Center held a senior cyber clinic to teach seniors how to scan old photos, documents and more for digital documentation.

"I don't have to have the paper anymore,” said Cadillac Senior Center board member Barbara McComb. “I can just put it on a little stick and it will be much easier for other people to use."

The students went around teaching the seniors how to do basic tech tasks, like scanning their old memorabilia on scanners donated by a tech company called Fujitsu.

"Photos are really near and dear to people's hearts and the memories that they want to keep,” said Fujitsu Product Manager Harman Bola. “So we are able to scan those documents and photos and keep them on their records for the rest of their life."

One of the seniors who brought in photos to scan was Dale Sundstrom, who put together an album of photos his uncle had taken in Cadillac dating back to 1922.

"To me they are prized pictures that we will never be able to see again,” said Sundstrom.

According to Sundstrom, he wanted to digitally document his photos because of the history they hold for the city of Cadillac.

"There was nothing to it,” said Sundstrom. “Very quick. It's quite a piece of equipment it only takes pushing a button that's all."

But, Sundstrom was doing more than just learning, he was teaching the students something too.

“I worked with Dale who had all of these old pictures,” said Sundstrom’s student teacher, McKinsey Crozier. “I learned so much from him even though I was supposed to be teaching him. So that was something that was really cool. You know that you were from Cadillac and you think that it's just a small town and there's nothing really special about it, but then you meet someone that shows you all of the cool history and of the amazing things that have happened here and you remember that you were part of something bigger.”

The young generation and the old generation finding something in common and connecting through technology.

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