Surrounded by Salt, "Salt Spa" opens northern Michigan

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY (WPBN/WGTU) -- “This has 14,000 pounds of himalayan salt,” Carol Saxton said as she opened the door into the Salt Spa room inside her new business, Ubran Oasis Salt Spa. “On the ground is pink himalayan salt that is about three and a half inches deep.”

Saxton and her husband Dave have spent the past six months preparing to open Traverse City's first salt spa, however the couple discovered the idea long before that, during a trip in North Carolina a few years ago.

“Carol wanted to do something different," said David. "So she says ‘honey do you want to go to a salt spa?' And I'm like ‘what’s a salt spa?'”
“I felt wonderful," Carol said of her experience. "I have a passion for this because I think there's a lot of healing and medical benefits to the salt therapy. So I thought that would really be beneficial to the people of northern Michigan.”

So the Saxton's stopped their food truck business and instead focused on bringing a salt spa to Traverse City, and they picked up a loyal customer in their first week.

“I just heard ‘spa’ and was like ‘oh,'" exclaimed Veronica Wilson. “The first time I came it was amazing... I could just feel the positiveness.”

Not only is the entire room lined with salt, but small salt particles are also being pumped into the air, which Carol says is another added part to the therapy she strongly believes in.

“I know it works," said Carol Saxton. "It’s great for people stressed out, nurses, doctors, people on their feet all day, they can come in for reflexology, it’s just a great benefit to them.”

Urban Oasis Salt Spa also does adult and kids yoga, massages and reflexology, along with health coaching. For more information, you can find their facebook page HERE.

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