TCAPS officials to be suspended following disappearance of spirit rock


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- Two West Senior High School officials are facing suspensions, following the disappearance of a spirit rock on school property.

According to TCAPS, an investigation determined that Principal Joe Esper and Assistant Principal Charles Kolbusz lied to the administration about the whereabouts of the rock, when actually they were responsible for getting rid of it.

TCAPS says both will face unpaid suspensions for breaking the law and TCAPS policies.

The investigation results say “Both administrators failed to follow proper facilities and maintenance protocols regarding removal of the spirit rock, which jeopardized the safety and security of staff, and had the potential to damage district property.”

The investigation results recommend a five-day unpaid suspension for Esper and a three-day unpaid suspension for Kolbusz.

We'll hear more from TCAPS officials about the investigation Monday on 7&4 News.

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