TCL&P signs over M-72 wind turbine

The unit is expected to be operating fully be the first of the year.

Traverse City Light and Power is no longer the owner of the M-72 Wind Turbine. Wednesday, TCL&P signed over ownership and operations to Heritage Sustainable Energy LLC. Heritage owns Stoney Corners Wind Farm in McBain.

The wind turbine has been providing renewable energy to the Traverse City area since 1996. It was Michiganâ??s first utility grade wind turbine, and at the time it was the largest in the United States.

The TCL&P Board decommissioned the wind turbine in December 2013 because of economic issues. Thatâ??s when Heritage submitted a proposal.

â??This was a great opportunity to keep this historic unit in its current location as a landmark gateway to Leelanau County, while continuing to provide renewable energy to the community,â??TCL&P Executive Director Tim Arends said.

The unit is expected to be operating fully by the first of the year.

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