Teenage girl recovering after being hit by car in Charlevoix

Teenage girl recovering after being hit by car in Charlevoix

CHARLEVOIX, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- Morgan Daley, 15, was sent to hospital last Friday after being struck by a car while crossing Bridge Street in Charlevoix.

According to her mother, Morgan might be able to come home from the hospital as early as Thursday.

The part of Bridge Street where it happened has four lanes of traffic.

Her mother says the first lane was stopped, making it difficult to see.

“The person waived her across, she went across, she heard the screech and on either end there was nothing to prevent that from happening," said Autumn Tall, Morgan's mother.

Morgan's pelvis was fractured in several places and she had to have surgery.

Her mother drove through the night back from Chicago not knowing exactly what would happen.

“They told me the whole time that she was alert and talking and things like that, so those were all good signs," Tall said. "Up until pretty much once the surgery was over, they couldn’t really say 100 percent what the recovery period was going to be."

There is a plan in place by the Michigan Department of Transportation and the City of Charlevoix to change that stretch of road to three lanes, including a middle turning lane.

“I think that the conversion from four lanes to three lanes will positively improve safety as unfortunately has been demonstrated in this case," said Mark Heydlauff, Charlevoix's city manager.

“Morgan had really wanted to make sure that everyone in terms of EMS, Fire Department, everyone who was one the scene knows that she’s grateful," Tall said. "She’s said that several times that she’s like ‘I don’t know where I’d be without all of those people that have helped me.”

The Charlevoix City Council voted in the Spring to go through with repainting the road.

The project isn't planned to start until 2020.

Doctors say Morgan is recovering well, but will probably need six to twelve months of physical therapy.

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