Temperatures soar into the 60's Monday with a few showers rolling in Tuesday

Courtesy: Eric Hallett/Omena

These flowers will soon be freed from the snow as another warm day is on tap Monday leading to more melting across Northern Michigan.

Finally! We enjoyed the feel of a real spring weekend with several spots jumping into the 60's Sunday. It will be a tad warmer Monday although we do expect a few rain showers Tuesday in spots.

Our most recent storm seems like a distant memory as we are going on our fifth straight day of sunshine across Northern Michigan. Temperatures will get into the 60's leading to more melting across the northern half of the viewing area where snow is still noted. Lake breezes along the shoreline areas will keep it cooler along the Great Lakes. Our range today will be from 51F along US-2 in Mackinac County to 70F at Baldwin and close to that around the Big Rapids area. Once again nearly full sunshine is in the forecast.

Low pressure passing well south (over Tennessee) and the approach of a weak cold front will be just enough to bring in some clouds and wring out a few spotty rain showers over the Lower Peninsula Tuesday afternoon. Not everyone will get rain, and it will brief/spotty in nature, but showers are possible Tuesday with highs in the 50's to around 60F.

Looking ahead, another cold front is set to take aim on the area Friday with showers looking increasingly likely then. However, even that appears to be scattered and not widespread. Temperatures Friday into Saturday will drop off into the mid-40's to low-50's. After that, it appears we warm right back up again next week back into the 60's.

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