Tomorrow will be cooler & less humid

Thunderstorms are moving thru northern Michigan this evening. Earlier today ¾ inch hail fell in Charlevoix and nearly 2 inches of rain fell at Drummond Island. The rain will end tonight, and the wind will decrease. Overnight lows will be about what they were last nightâ?¦mostly 60s.

Wednesday will be much coolerâ?¦10-20 degrees cooler that todayâ?¦depending on where you are. The afternoon temperatures will range from 65-75 degrees. Tuesday afternoonâ?¦we saw highs near 90 in a few towns. The wind will be lightâ?¦5-15 with a few gusts to 20 mphâ?¦from the north. The humidity will be lower, and weâ??ll see plenty of sunshine.

Thursday and Friday will be sunny with most highs in the 70s both days. Our next chance for rain is Saturday.

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