Traverse City father charged after allegedly giving sexual gift to 17-year-old

Traverse City father charged after allegedly giving sexual gift to 17-year-old

A Traverse City father accused of giving a 17-year-old student a sexual gift is now being charged.

According to Traverse City Area Public Schools, the incident happened in April 2018 at a weekend school function.

Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorney Bob Cooney says the 49-year-old man gave the victim a bag that allegedly contained multiple inappropriate things including adult toys, reading material, and candy.

Cooney says it's also believed the man wrote notes in the bag, pretending the gift came from someone else and that he also tried to contact the victim through a fake social media account.

"As a father with two daughters, this is something that not only is it stupid, but it's morally repugnant if this is what happened," Cooney said.

Several people, including students, informed TCAPS administrators about the incident. They informed the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office.

A no-trespass order on school property was issued by police at school administrations request.

"One of the things we really want to impress upon our families is if there is anything if you see something say something," said Christine Guitar, Executive Director of TCAPS communications and marketing. "Say something to a trusted adult. Talk to a school official, we will make sure that you get connected with those folks in our community who can help."

The suspect is scheduled to turn himself in on Thursday and will be charged with distributing sexually explicit, visual, or verbal material to a minor.

"Sixteen is the age of consent as far as sexual acts, however child sexually explicit material and child sexually abusive material laws apply until a minor achieves the age of 18-years-old," said Cooney.

If found guilty, the suspect faces up to two years in prison.

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