Traverse City Light and Power terminates contract with company over Christmas Lights

Traverse City Light and Power terminates contract with company over Christmas Lights

If you've been downtown in Traverse City recently, you may have noticed something different with the Christmas lights.

Traverse City Light and Power says some of the trees that should be lit, aren't.

This is the third year TCLP has hired Shine Window Care to put up the lights downtown.

They say they've never had a problem before, but this year they did and therefore terminated the contract with the company Monday afternoon.

According to the contract, all of the lights were supposed to be up and finished by November 30, but for whatever reason that didn't happen.

TCLP has received complaints about not only the lights being unfinished, but also about safety concerns with low hanging extension cords that were in some cases left on sidewalks.

"We need to have them in when people expect them," said Daren Dixon, TCLP Operations Manager. "We had the first annual parade for the tree lighting and we want all the lights to be on for that and we've struggled even since then with the contractor to get that done."

Matthew Mulder of Shine Window Care had this to say about the termination:

"Being terminated comes as a surprise to us," Mulder said. "We know we didn't meet the deadline. We had an oversight in the work, assuming it was the same as the last two years it was done, so we quoted it under that assumption. On November 30 we found out there was additional work and we have been working on getting that up and done since that day. We are 99 percent done."

Mulder says he's disappointed by the situation.

The oversight Mulder says he's referring to is in regard to some extra locations he says were added into the job contract for this year.

He says they did the best they could under the circumstances they had with weather issues and recently losing some employees.

TCLP is working to get all of the lights up throughout this week.

They aren't sure yet who they'll give the job to for next year.

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