Traverse City women ask community to help send messages of hope

Traverse City women ask community to help send messages of hope

Two Traverse City women will be making their way to Puerto Rico next week to bring relief to the people who have been faced with devastation since Hurricane Maria.

But the relief they're hoping to bring, isn't just in the form of supplies.

Over the last couple of months, Jamie Kramer and Miriam Pico Younce have joined forces to raise awareness and bring hope to the people of Puerto Rico.

They've collected truck-fulls of supplies and thousands of dollars, from helping hands all over northern Michigan.

"I'm always blown away by the compassion that people feel and especially that children feel," said Pico Younce.

Kramer and Pico Younce will soon be making their way to Puerto Rico where they'll be volunteering in some of the most devastated parts.

"It's my family, it's my home, it's my happy place," said Pico Younce. "It's the place I go and I'm welcomed and hugged and fed and everybody is always looking out for me while I'm there and I feel like how can I just stay up here and be comfortable when I know there's so much I could be doing."

Now they're asking northern Michigan for a different kind of help.

"All we need is your words right now," said Kramer. "We are just looking for your words of support and compassion."

On Saturday at Right Brain Brewery, people of all ages are invited out to take just a few minutes to write a letter or draw a picture for people who could really use some encouragement.

"I'm sure people are lacking purpose, and we all need purpose and when you take away those fundamental things of our day to day life, it's really hard to find that," Kramer said.

"There's a lot of depression and PTSD and we just want to spread some joy," Pico Younce said.

The letters are for those still faced without basic needs like running water and electricity.

The women are hoping to help with those things, while also bringing a smile to someone's face.

"We always think of like when we go in for aid that we are just going to bring things that people need to survive but we forget that people need joy to survive too," Kramer said.

Kramer and Pico Younce will be at Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City from 11am-1pm Saturday.

The event is free to attend.

They'll be flying to Puerto Rico on Sunday.

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