Tree companies busy clearing damage after heavy winds


(WPBN/WGTU) -- Before the snow comes, clean-up crews were dealing with damage from strong winds across northern Michigan Tuesday.

Some people woke up in morning to trees on their homes, cars and in their yards.

Gusts reached around 50 miles per hour Monday night, meaning tree service companies as well as the road commission, were up bright and early Tuesday morning cleaning up the damage.

“Four cedar trees came down,” said Josh Deering, owner of Deering Tree Service. “They missed the house by a few feet so we're just doing a little cleanup work for the customer.”

It was an early morning for tree service companies.

“This morning with the winds, the calls started rolling in around 5:30 or so,” said Corey Parshall, owner of Parshall Tree Care.

Trees ending up in places they shouldn't be.

“We've pulled trees off roofs today, there's been damage to structures,” said Parshall.

The Grand Traverse County Road Commission receiving about 100 calls to move trees from the roadways.

“It just started happening and once the first one is reported it seems like it's just a train reaction and everyone starts getting out and about and reacting to those all day long,” said Toby Javin with the Grand Traverse County Road Commission.

Arborists say they can often tell which trees on your property are more prone to break in a storm.

“We've seen decayed trees, breaks in the middle of the trunks or tops blowing out of trees,” said Parshall. “We've seen some trees that were weakened by previous storms like two years ago. That August storm of 2015, those trees were then tested again last night and blew over or broke today.”

But there are ways to cut down on the chances of this happening to your home.

“The best thing to do to avoid these types of things in the future is call an actual arborist, we have certified arborist on staff, do a property inspection, identify hazardous trees and then things like this typically don't happen,” said Deering.

The road commission only handles trees that are down in the road's right of way, so if it's a tree on your property, you'll need to call a private company to clean it up.

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