Vice President Mike Pence rallies Republicans during Lincoln Day event in Grand Rapids

VP Mike Pence with GOP candidates Lisa Posthumous Lyons, Bill Schuette and John James.

Vice President Mike Pence took the stage in Grand Rapids for the second time in Michigan on Monday rallying Republican voters with eight days until Election Day.

Pence campaigned hard for Republican U.S. Senate Candidate John James who is facing Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan, as well as Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bill Schuette.

“I would be here for John James and Bill Schuette if they were running unopposed. They are just that good,” the Vice President said.

The crowd was full of energy, despite a small fire starting on the light panel while John James was speaking.

After a brief delay in programming while fire crews extinguished the sparks, James took the stage again.

“Nothing stopped me in war, nothing stopped me today and nothing will stop me in Washington,” James said.

“It’s great to be here with a candidate that’s on fire,” Pence said referring to James.

Pence hit the importance of voting multiple times throughout his speech at the DeltaPlex. He reminded the crowd what happened in 2016 and when President Donald Trump was not expected to win the presidential election. The reoccurring theme was brought up by Bill Schuette and John James during their speeches as well.

“We made history in 2016 and we are going to make history again in 2018,” Pence said. “Elections are won by those who turn out.”

The Vice President talked about the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh that killed 11 people during a Saturday service.

“As the President and I made clear, what happened in Pittsburgh was not just criminal, it was evil,” Pence said. “We will never allow violence or antisemitism to take hold. Justice in this case will be swift and severe.”

A few protesters were escorted out of the event after yelling while Pence was speaking. That sparked a “USA!” chant by the rest of the crowd to which the Vice President responded with by acknowledging the "emotion."

“I love working with a President that brings out such strong emotions from everyone,” Pence said.

Schuette told the room full of roughly 1,500 people that he will continue the Republican success the country has seen if elected as Michigan’s next governor.

“I have faith in you. I have faith in Michigan. I have faith that all of you across the state are working hard,” he said.

Schuette said this election "is right where we want it" and recalled previous elections where GOP candidates were polling behind their Democratic opponents.

“I don’t care if you’re name is John Engler, who came from behind, Donald Trump, who came from behind, in eight days we are going to win it all,” Schuette said. “I’m on the ten yard line and I can see the goal line and I’m going to punch it through.”

After hearing from a slew of GOP volunteers and event organizers, the rally wrapped up with the Vice President giving a message to the crowd that he believes will last through Nov. 6.

Pence said, “I keep hearing about a blue wave that’s coming but let’s make sure it hits a red wall in Michigan.”

The event followed a similar rally held in Waterford Township earlier Monday with the Vice President; these two events mark the fourth visit Pence has made to Michigan following the August primary.

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