Warmer than normal weekend


Any fog or low clouds around the region this morning will lift. It may take a few hours, but the sky will clear. Call it partly sunny during the midday...and we'll see plenty of sun in the afternoon. Highs will range from 72 to 82 degrees around northern Michigan. Light wind...mainly from the south...5-15 mph.

This evening will be great for high school football. Mostly clear around sunset. And the temperatures should be in the low 70s just before sunset...falling into the low to middle 60s by 10 PM. Light wind 5-15 mph.

For the rest of the night...clear sky for a while, but after midnight look for more patches of fog to develop. Lows 52 to 62 degrees. Light wind.

Saturday and Sunday will be mostly sunny. And both mornings look for patches of fog. In the afternoon, the highs will be much warmer than normal. Typical highs this time of year are 62 to 69 degrees. This weekend the highs will be 75 to 85 degrees.

We need some rain. There is a chance for a passing shower in the Upper Peninsula Monday night and Tuesday morning. On Tuesday in the Lower there could be some scattered rain. The better chance for rain for all of the region will be Thursday..

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