Warmer this weekend


Friday looks to be mostly cloudy the farther west you are...but mostly sunny to the east. So, the closer you are to Lake Huron, the sunnier it will be. Along Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, it will be cloudy much of the day. Any snow will be scattered and light. High temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees in the Upper Peninsula...and 12 to 20 degrees in the Lower Peninsula. Wind will come from the southwest 5-15 mph.

Tonight turns cloudy for all of us. Lows will fall into the 5-12 degree range in the U.P...and 6-18 degrees in the Lower. Light, scattered snow is possible anywhere...but more likely in the northern tip of the Lower and across the U.P. Totals will be barely measurable in the Lower...but up to an inch in the U.P. Wind will blow 5-15 mph from the west for most of the night...but for a while when the snow develops you could get a gust to 25 mph.

Saturday will be warmer than Friday. Highs 24-26 in U.P...27-36 in the Lower. Much of the day will be cloudy, but you might get a peek at the sun. Some of that snow that develops tonight will linger into early Saturday morning, but little precipitation is expected. One other thing about this passing snow tonight and Saturday could be mixed with drizzle, so roads could be extra icy when the precipitation comes thru. Wind Saturday from the west 5-15 mph.

Saturday night will be one of the warmest nights we've experienced in a long time. Lows will stay in the 20s for most of northern Michigan. Also, Saturday night...that's when the mix of precipitation begins.

Saturday night thru the day Sunday we're expecting scattered light rain mixed with some light snow. This could make the roads icy...again. Don't look for any sunshine...but do look for the highs to climb into the 32 to 45 degree range.

Monday...more rain and snow showers....mostly rain in the Lower...a mix in the U.P. Highs 32 to 45 degrees around the region.

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