Where's the best burger in Petoskey?

Where's the best burger in Petoskey?

EMMET COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- For the next Blake's Best Bites we want to know where the best burger is in Petoskey?

14 burger joints are part of our Petoskey Burger Card, but which has the best burger?

Check out the restaurants below:

  1. Bob's Place
  2. Chandler's Restaurant
  3. City Park Grill
  4. Duffy's Garage & Grill
  5. Johan's Burger Express
  6. JR's Grill and Pub
  7. JW Filmores
  8. Mitchell St. Pub
  9. Northwood Restaurant
  10. Petoksey Brewing
  11. Piersons
  12. Pour
  13. Southwoods Pub
  14. Tap 30 Brewery

The Petoskey Burger Card gives you one burger at each of those restaurants. A $159 value for $39.

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