Staying safe and giving back with White Tiger Martial Arts


GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) – While many hope to never use self-defense techniques, White Tiger Martial Arts wants to make sure people are prepared for unexpected moments.

Jim Adkins, owner of White Tiger Martial Arts, has been practicing martial arts for 42 years and has long been teaching a variety of classes, including self-defense, to the people of northern Michigan.

Because all students are different, White Tiger Martial Arts makes sure to tailor its self-defense classes around the individual to find techniques that work specifically for them.

Adkins says taking self-defense classes can go beyond learning how to defend yourself and can actually instill a number of other qualities.

He explains, “We find out who you are first, what's going to work with you and then we tailor the self-defense based on who you are."

Offering classes in Kalkaska, Maple City and Traverse City, community members can also participate in practices such as kung fu and tai chi. Regardless of age or experience level, Adkins encourages everyone in the community to come into the dojo and try out one of his classes.

Jim and the dedicated members of White Tiger Martial Arts can also be found out in the community fundraising for a good cause.

This holiday season, Jim’s students are participating in the Paper Angel fundraiser with the department of child and family services.

The dojo is raising money to purchase gifts for those in need around the holidays. To raise money, the students of White Tiger Martial Arts are selling gratitude rocks.

These special rocks are meant to be carried every day in a person’s pocket and serve as a physical reminder to be thankful. Once a person has had the rock for a month, they are encouraged to pass it along to another person or loved one.

To learn more about White Tiger Martial Arts, including their class offerings and fundraiser, click here.

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