William Minore convicted on taser possession charges

William Minore was convicted on two taser possession charges.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- 15 minutes was all the jury needed to convict William Minore on two counts of taser possession.

The trial started Wednesday morning in Grand Traverse County Circuit Court and closing statements were made before the jury went to lunch.

Minore was charged with taser possession after two stun guns were found in his vehicle while law enforcement was investigating a bank robbery.

Minore was released in May after spending 20 months in jail on bank robbery charges. All state and federal charges against him, related to the robberies, were dropped.

The defense argued because the tasers were discovered once the van was moved to Leelanau County for evidence, it shouldn't be a charge in Grand Traverse County.

"The tasers were never discovered in Grand Traverse County," said Minore's attorney, William Burdette. "Grand Traverse County didn’t even know that they were here. It was only after Leelanau County told them after they did the search of the van."

At the trial Wednesday Minore took the stand and admitted the tasers were his and said he didn't realize they were illegal in Michigan after purchasing them in Florida.

The jury found him guilty on both counts of taser possession.

But Minore believes anyone else without a record in this situation would have been offered a plea deal.

"I feel this is a malicious prosecution," said Minore. "Because of the faulty arrest on the other charges, they're trying to limit their liability because they exposed themselves by falsely imprisoning me and arresting me."

The sentencing date is set for August 10. Minore could face up to four years in prison for each charge. Burdette says Minore will get credit for the nearly two years he has already served.

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