Winter Weather Advisory


WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for all of northern Michigan from now thru Saturday morning at 5 AM. Snow totals will be up to 6 inches in that time period. Snow will accumulate on roads. The snow will spread across the region thru the day. Wind will be light today. Wind will be 5-15 mph. Highs will be just above freezing....32 to 38 degrees.

Tonight there will be snow on most roads. The snow will continue...and in the early evening it will continue to snow hard and widespread. After midnight it begins to taper off to light scattered snow showers. However, the wind will increase...and overnight there will be gusts to 30 mph. Visibility may be a problem for travelers. And wind chill temperatures will fall into the 10 t 20 degree range. The thermometer readings will be 22 to 30 degrees.

Saturday morning wind chills will be low...wrap up! The wind slowly will decrease...but early in the day the gusts will be over 25 mph. High temperatures 25-35 degrees. A little sunshine...lots of there will be scattered, light snow showers.

Saturday night...snow flurries...mostly cloudy...light wind...lows 18 to 28 degrees.

Sunday...Veteran's Day...mostly cloudy with scattered light snow mixed with rain. Highs 30 to 38 degrees. Light wind..

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