Woman arrested in murder of Levering man

Trenton Mallory, 35, was found dead on March 6 at his home in Center Township.

A fter a month long investigation , Emmet County S heriff's deputies have arrested a Levering woman that they say murdered her fiance.

D eputies say Amber Smith, 28, shot and killed Trenton Mallory, then tried to hide the gun in a snow bank at a nearby home.

Y ou may remember Smith from a story we reported last November.

A t the time , her bills were piling up , as she tried to raise money to pay for her child's unusual medical condition.

O n March 6th, deputies were called to her home on Pleasant View Road in Levering.

S mith told investigators that she called 911 after she had found her home broken into. But after searching the ransacked home, police also found her fiance dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

"M s. Smith lived at the residence with Mr. Mallory it was a girlfriend fiancà type relationship," Sheriff Pete Wallin said.

A ccording to court records , in the weeks leading up to Mallory's death, Smith had put a gun up for sale on Craigslist and Facebook.

B ut after the murder , the gun was found buried in a snow bank at Smith's relatives house. After investigators removed the weapon, they saw Smith digging through the pile trying to find it.

"W e've done our investigation , we collected our evidence , a person has been arrested , and now it goes to the courts and they will determine if she's guilty or not," Wallin said.

C ourt records also show that Smith and Mallory were having financial problems.

A car had been repossessed, their home was being for e closed on, and Smith had occurred $25,000 of gambling debt that she kept a secret.

B ut their biggest bills came from the hospitals.

"I t was all experimental medicine so everything had to be pay for by us because insurance companies don't want to for a bill that is n't FDA approved ," Smith said in an interview on November 27, 2013.

B ack in November of 2013 Smith told us the story of her 6-year-old child. Who at the time was having health problems after a heart transplant.

"M aybe he was put here to teach the world a lesson ," Smith noted. "I f he could go through all of this and be happy then what are we always complaining about."

A mber Smith's two children are currently staying with family members.

She will be arraigned Wednesday in Emmet County District Court.

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