Woman turns in large amount of cash, owner found

A Traverse City woman turned in a large amount of cash she found at a bus stop and money was able to be returned to the owner.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- A good Samaritan in Grand Traverse County helped get a large amount of money back to its owner.

At the beginning of May, 25-year-old Casey Scheltema-Bourque of Traverse City, found a bag with a large amount of money inside at a bus stop near Dunham's at the Grand Traverse Mall.

The woman turned in the money and Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Deputies reported the found money to the media.

On Thursday, May 10, a 50-year-old Frankfort man called the sheriff's office and said he lost his money while waiting for the bus at the mall.

A friend of the man saw the news story and told the Frankfort man about the money found near the mall.

The man was able to describe the bag and the amount of money sufficiently, according to deputies.

Deputies said an investigation confirmed the man was the owner.

Scheltema-Bourque says there was nothing inside of the bag except for the money, and she couldn't imagine doing anything with it other than trying to find the rightful owner.

"It's what any person should do," she said. "You go to the right person, you give them the money. That's what you're supposed to do anyway. There is no moral thing that says keep it. You give it away. You give it to the right person."

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