Young drivers learn manual in classic cars

Hagerty teaches the lost art of driving a stick.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- The majority of new drivers learn to drive automatic cars, but on Saturday some went back in time.

Young adults from across Michigan got the chance to learn how to drive stick in classic cars at Traverse City Central High School.

The event was hosted by Hagerty Classic Car Insurance

Hagerty says driving a manual transmission has become a lost art.

The event is a way to pass the skills to the next generation and grow the classic car community.

"More than 90% of any vehicle on a new car lot has an automatic transmission," Jonathan Klinger from Hagerty said. "So young people have less of an opportunity to learn how to drive a manual. They just don't grow up around them anymore like previous generations used to. But a lot of performance cars and classic cars they have a manual transmission that's why we feel it's important to give this opportunity to teach them. Plus it's just fun."

Hagerty says the majority of people do great and find driving stick to be easier than they thought.

There has never been an accident at one of these learning events since starting in 2011.

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