One on one with Lt. Governor Brian Calley

Lt. Governor Brian Calley

MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A political group is currently bankrolling an online campaign for Michigan’s Lt. Governor Brian Calley.

Some say it’s part of an organized effort to lay the groundwork for Calley’s run for Michigan Governor in 2018.

Newschannel 3’s political reporter Nick Minock spoke with the Lt. Governor on Monday in a long, wide-ranging interview.

It’s a question many have asked; is Governor Snyder’s lieutenant going to be running for governor? When you consider what’s going on behind the scenes, most insiders would say yes.

“Your website,, the clock is ticking: 21 days until a big announcement,” said Newschannel 3’s Nick Minock. “Can you tell us what that big announcement is?”

“Well you’ll have to stay tuned for the announcement,” said Calley, “but as you look back at Michigan and how far we’ve come for the last six years, where we measure new jobs in the hundreds of thousands, now have one million new private-sector jobs, unemployment rate cut in half, unemployment down in every single country across our state. There’s a reason for optimism, reason for hope and a future, so I’ll tell you about May 30th, that’s what that will all be about; Michigan’s future.”

“That sounds like a stump speech for governor,” said Minock.

“May 30th will totally be about Michigan’s future,” said Calley.

“Being a part of the governor’s administration, if you choose to run for governor, how can people in Flint trust you?” asked Minock.

"Well, I'll answer the question outside of the context of future elections because I haven’t announced any plans in that respect,” said Calley. “I've really fallen in love with that city and the people in that city and to the extent that trust is a thing where you can try to earn it, but trust has to be given and to the extent that an individual wants to have or place trust in another person, that's a person by person individual decision, but for my part, I love that city I love the people in that city, it's why I've been working so hard, though. I didn't have anything to do, I was never in the chain of command for emergency manager, I don't do water test and things like that. I didn't have anything to do with what happened in the past but I've been, I've had a lot to do with moving the city forward.”

Going forward in the gubernatorial race, we’ll be keeping a close watch on what Attorney General Bill Schuette and Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee will do.

On Tuesday, Rep. Kildee announced to supporters he will not run for Governor in 2018.

Right now, Gretchen Whitmer and Abdul El Sayed are competing for the Democratic nod.

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