Church security teams take martial shooting class


GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- A martial shooting class, hosted by Covenant Defense was held on Saturday at East Bay Calvary Church in Traverse City.

People who attended were members of their own church’s security teams in northern Michigan.

Organizers say in light of the many mass shootings across the country, churches are starting to form security teams to keep their communities safe.

At the class, people learned different tactics of how to react in dangerous situations.

“Most of this class set up to experimentally show people what works best to solve the problem,” said Colby Taylor, founder of Covenant Defense. “The number one goal is to not get your gun out. The number one goal is to solve the problem. So it's a combination of Krav Maga, blending that with defensive firearms skills, which are very different than marksmanship, and most importantly using your head and operating out of the right spirit to protect life.”

Covenant defense hosts a variety of self-defense classes, click here to learn more.

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