Camp Grayling holds Michigan National Guard Pass In Review

Since the 9/11 attacks, 21 members of the Michigan National Guard have been killed

Camp Grayling held its annual Michigan National Guard Pass In Review parade on Friday.

The parade signals the end of summer exercises for Michigan TMs National Guard and gives soldiers an opportunity to look back and pay tribute to recently fallen comrades.

The parade began with the firing of several artillery pieces.

As the troops marched onto the parade ground, hundreds of friends and family members were present in the stands to cheer them on.

Once all 15 Michigan National Guard units were assembled, a chaplain read off the roster of the Honored Dead.

The list included 45 current and former Michigan National Guardsmen who had passed away during the previous year.

"The main message it to show appreciation for the type of service and sacrifice, the commitment to excellence and training and that's what happens here is getting people ready, getting civilians ready for military service," said Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley.

Parade officials then reviewed the units and gave out several awards to individual soldiers.

Helicopters then roared overhead as the ceremony concluded with all of the units passing in review of the people that they have sworn to protect.

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