DNR employee accused of neglecting horses

A state worker whose job is to protect Michigan's natural resources is accused of being cruel to animals.

An arrest warrant has been issued for David Prosch, who lives along M-37 in Buckley. He has been charged with abandoning or being cruel to animals, a misdemeanor.

Grand Traverse County Sheriff's deputies say Prosch didn't properly feed his two horses. One of the horses, a mare, also has a scar on her nose from a halter that they say was on too tight for such a long time.

Deputies seized the horses from the home and transported them to Horse North Rescue. They're currently being nursed back to health by volunteers at the organization's new shelter in Fife Lake.

"When we picked the horses up, there was a moldy round bale and that's what they had to eat. They also had a pasture that was full of nothing but weeds." says Nancy Hubbard, with North Horse Rescue.

After several attempts to contact Prosch throughout the investigation, deputies finally brought him in for an interview earlier this month. According to court documents he admitted that the animals were in bad condition, but told police he was planning to have the mare put down.

Horse North Rescue volunteers are appalled.

Hubbard says, "I don't think there is an excuse for this."

Prosch works for the Parks and Recreation division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in Baldwin.

The investigating officer tells 7&4 News that arrangements have been made for Prosch to turn himself in Wednesday afternoon.

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