Historic church is on the move

A piece of history is on the move Tuesday in Grand Traverse County.

A piece of history was on the move Tuesday in Grand Traverse County.

After more than 105 years, St. Joseph Catholic Church is moving from its home on the Old Mission Peninsula to a new plot of land about a mile away.

"Down the road we have some 20 acres, so that'll give us a lot of room to expand," said Monsignor Edwin Thome.

Once at the new location off of M-37, construction crews will work on restoring the original steeple. Church officials also plan to expand the church by adding onto the historic building.

"It meant so much to so many of our parishioners and I went up and I gave Father Thome a big hug and told him how excited I was that this was happening!," said Rosie Vida an 11 year St. Joseph's parishioner.

Dick Deitz, of Deitz House Movers, tells 7&4 News the process involves dozens of people. Once at its new location the church will be checked for any damage.

The move started around 7am and it took at least an hour to get the church positioned correctly on the road. The entire moving process took about 3 hours.

Some Consumers Energy customers on Old Mission Peninsula may have a disruption in service during the move. The project caused some traffic delays in the area.

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