Is your vehicle a top target for auto theft?

Auto thefts in Michigan are down 9.35% from 2009 to 2010, that's according to a new study released by the Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority -- or ATPA.

But what may be more fascinating in the report is the list of the most common stolen vehicles, that car thieves targeted in 2011.

7&4's Kate Fox spoke with the Executive Director of the ATPA who broke down the findings.

When you look at the list of top 5 "Most Stolen Vehicles" in Michigan, four out of the five are Chrysler Dodge Ram Pickups.

Executive Director of ATPA Dan Vartanian says, "thieves aren't stupid, they try to get the easy gravy from the top-down. Unfortunately Chrysler products of this lineage are prime vehicles for would-be thieves.."

The Dodge Ram Pickup seems to be a favorite target, especially here in Michigan, but why? What makes it so attractive to criminals? Vartanian explains, "they're easy to break into, they have very little anti-theft devices. And unfortunately many times owners of these vehicles will leave the keys in the ignition, which makes it even easier to steal..."

The study also shows the most common color of vehicle stolen, and the day of week/ month when the most thefts happen. To find out those results and hear more from ATPA Executive Director Dan Vartanian, click on the video above.

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