Made With Michigan Hands: Twisted Fish Art Gallery

â??We get recognized as being one of the really finest galleries in Michigan, if not Northern Michigan,â?? Co-owner of Twisted Fish Art Gallery, Bob Streit.

The Twisted Fish Art Gallery in Elk Rapids has everything from dancing bears and frolicking ponies, to large twisted fish, twisting twisted fish and much more.

The gallery is bursting at the seams with art of various elements.

â??Thereâ??s metal, and thereâ??s wood, and thereâ??s cement, and thereâ??s totems and thereâ??s just so much,â?? said Charlotte Streit, Bobâ??s wife and Co-owner of the gallery.

And nearly all of it is from local artists. Bob Streit said about 95% of the art is from Michigan artists.

The art also widely ranges in price. One of the largest pieces of art from local artist Gerald Moore is selling for $25,000.

But the art that paints the walls of this gallery almost wasnâ??t here. When Bob retired from his career with Ernst & Young, he and his wife Charlotte bought the gallery and planned to rent it out. But those plans soon changed.

â??We toured about 30 galleries in the area and concluded that there were enough chainsaw bears and painted rocks and relatively low-level art things that we decided to try to have the best art that we could have,â?? Bob said.

And if you were wondering how the gallery got its name, it is named after the large cement twisted fish in the front yard. Bob said it is about 13 feet high.

The hard work of these fine artists is not only appreciated by the gallery goers, but the gallery owners as well.

â??Itâ??s so much fun to see what each artist can give to the public and I think Iâ??m very, very proud of them,â?? Charlotte said. â??I really am and theyâ??re just family with us.â??

For more information about the Twisted Fish Gallery you can visit their website


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