New details in Mancelona meth lab raid


even people were arrested over the weekend and new details are surfacing about the drug operation.

Bret Miller and 22-year-old James Johnson were arrested over the weekend. Police say they owned this home on Elder Rd. in Mancelona where drugs were being produced and sold.


In the search warr




we found marijuana and in another building we found what we call active componen


s and accelerants that make up
Meth," Antrim County Sheriff Dan Bean said.


ourt records
indicate that both men deny manufacturing the narcotics, but they did admit to helping supply materials to make Meth in exchange for drugs and money. Also, arrested were five individuals who investigators say were at the house buying drugs at the time of the bust.


here may be some other individuals that we'll be looking at, depends on what come out of being able to do interviews, being able to process what's been going on, we'll continue this investigation and hopefully we'll get more arrests before we're done

," Bean said.


Simpson lives just a few doors down from the alleged drug house. She says there has been a lot of strange activity at the house in the past month.


s me and my mom would drive by to go into town we'd notice that there'd be one to two cars in there, but when we would come back it was packed some would sit there idling still running, people would be running in and out so we kinda had a feeling something was going on but we weren't sure

," Simpson said.


he two home owners will be back in court on
December 27th for a preliminary examination and so far there is no set court date for the five others involved.

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